Change You

I cannot change you. No matter what I do or how hard I try. No matter how much I love you and want you to experience things beyond your best dreams I don’t get to make that decision for you. Ever.

I have to remember more than anything else: all I can do is choose for me. I choose ecstasy in the Highest form

You…what do you choose? Do you choose to light up your world of darkness? Do you choose to let the skeletons go? Or are you going to keep your doors locked and throw away the key?

Do you choose to be free? Or are you still afraid you – and only you – can’t be helped? Are you choosing to fly? Or do you get dizzy when I spread my wings?

I want you to fly with me more than I want air to breathe. I wish you could see the view from up here. It’s magnificent – even da Vinci couldn’t portray this kind of beauty.

Stay on the ground in your graveyard with your skulls and bones. Eat the flesh of your wounded. Go to your house of broken mirrors that won’t show your sunken face. Your eyes…they’re empty, but you cannot see.

Your Soul is barely hanging on. It can’t live without Love but you’re too afraid of feeding It. The Child crying in your dungeon is you. Where are you?

Become the parent you never had. Unlock your doors and clean your closets. Release your prisoners and give them the chance to free themselves. Take your Child outside to see the Light…and hold Him like He’s never been held before. Let Him know with every fragment of yourself that you will always love Him and be there for Him. Do this until He knows it to be true. Then watch your Soul take flight and you will see what I see.

Are you listening?

  • Joanne

    This is the conversation I have with my higher and lower self. Love it!!! Thank you for shining your brillance to the world

    • Thank you for that, Jo. It’s really a cool thing to have these conversations with our-”selves” I believe. Brings so much awareness. Love you!