TO: Mom

We decided we’d learn much from each other – you and I. A long time ago, before we met on this planet, our souls knew each other. During one long-seeming moment, we got together and painted a picture of things to come…

You would go do “the human thing” first; I would follow suit later. During your time without me, you decided you’d experience love and loss, trauma and fear, laughter and joy, what it meant to be strong, what it felt like to be weak…You wanted to figure out how to reconnect with That Which Created you before your human-ness. You would practice meditation and discover your spirituality. You wanted to make a good human out of yourself.

You were to explore and see what you could discover, just as I would. In agreeing that I would come in later, we determined I would watch you when I got there. You would teach me what you’d learned along the way and tell me about your findings.

It was agreed that when I came to the planet called “Earth,” I would come through you. I decided I wanted to begin experiencing my first love very early in life. Luckily, you agreed to be mine.

You resolved that in order to be a good human, you’d experience amazingly colorful, wonderful things, too. You wanted to experience utter bliss, contentment, creativity, yumminess, excitement…BATHS that put you in sweet nirvana! You were going to have amazing friendships with people who taught you so much, who loved you deeply and who would accompany you on and through your own adventures.

I wanted to learn all of this from you, take my findings and put my own twists on them. What an exciting adventure this would be being human! As we sat in deep contemplation carefully planning out this human being stuff, I decided I wanted to have my own experiences separate from you just like you would before I would join you.

I, too, wanted colorful experiences on Earth. I chose some of the same experiences as you, but I also wanted to experience more in the physical realm of the world. Relationships, sex, parties, lust, men…what experiences those would be! I smiled at how much I’d learn. And, when the time came for me to learn about those you agreed to watch me learn. You would watch the pain, the suffering, the highs, the lows, the happiness, the fears, the worry…Yours was a patient soul.

Together, we talked. We knew that in becoming human we’d soon forget about our True selves, so we made a pact to remember who we really were and to each do it in our own way. You promised to be my cheerleader when I would decide to find my True self. You’d not only support me in that particular part of my journey, you’d sit on the sideline and walk up and down that field with me. As I would get weary and ready to give up, you’d cheer so loud I wouldn’t be able to help but stop and look up at you, smile and remember why I began my journey in the first place. You were looking forward to holding the light I needed when it got dark for me.

And in remembering our True selves…we wanted to learn the lesson of forgiveness. In order to forgive, however, meant that in our forgetfulness we would fight, we would judge, we would control and we would hurt; we’d even do it to one another. We were up for the task, though. “What lessons we’ll learn!” Our souls glowed all the brighter with knowingness.

We planned and had fun. We painted the most exquisite of pictures filled with colors so bright and so vibrant some humans wouldn’t even be able to see it. The details were so intricate and breathtaking, one would have had to close one’s eyes before looking again – for to see the true beauty of this painting, one gaze would not be enough. But the best part? The other souls who agreed to be a part of the painting. They were what gave it life.

We took a step back after finishing with the final touches…

There it was – what a creation! What glee!

It was time – time for you to begin your journey while I patiently waited for mine. We smiled and hugged.  I was so happy for you to begin. You were, too. “I’ll see you soon!” I shouted out as you made your way down to Earth…


Look at this picture we painted together. That forgiveness lesson – how beautiful is IT?! It looks a little grimy to the untrained eye, but I see it now. Apparently, we also agreed to remember to forgive ourselves. That was a nice little touch, don’t you think? The painting gets brighter as I continue to forgive myself. You learned how to let go like you said you would; I’m getting there…I just had a little later start. I’ll catch up.


We did good, Mom – you and I.

Soul mates from Day 1.

Thank you for this amazing journey and most beautiful picture you helped me paint.

I have loved, I do love and I always will…love you.


Happy Mother’s Day 

  • gill

    Whoever took that picture is masterful! Almost as masterful as the writer behind this blog! :)

  • Cathy centers

    That was Beautiful……if I had a daughter, I’d want her to be as thoughtful and loving as you, I am so greatful that you and your Mom are part of my life…..cathy

    • Oh, Cathy – I am so grateful for you, too. “Aunt Cathy” ;) You’re wonderful.

      • Agreed!!! Haha – thanks for the picture, Gill!

  • Gina

    I love how you used an imaginary painting I portray you and your moms journey thought life together, I’m happy for you :)

    • Thank you, Gina!