Sometimes a person comes into our lives for reasons unbeknownst. There is something about this new person that you enjoy; some sort of attraction. And just as soon as this person comes into your life he leaves. You attracted him, he came and had the effect on you that you needed. Once this person’s job has been fulfilled it is then time for him to do new things.

Sometimes a person comes into our lives for reasons of change. For many of us, change is not a natural reaction. Change means going into the unknown. What will happen if I quit my job that I like so much and go for a career I really love? What if I can’t do it? Yet, when you look at this new existence with whom you have resonated you watch the things he does and the strength he has because his fear was put aside; he wanted to change instead. You see that the change wasn’t easy but that it was worth it. This person is not only content, but happy with himself, what he has accomplished and continues to accomplish. He makes you wonder…

Sometimes a person comes into our lives to give us inspiration. Perhaps there are things you are in the process of completing but the process is slow. You’ve found yourself putting off the actual completion of such things. To follow through and finish something can take not only energy but motivation. As you experience this new person there is a realization that happens. He seems so together, so energetic, so passionate. You want to share in this passion. The thought comes to mind, Why am I wasting my time doing things I’m not passionate about? Why am I wasting my time with people who don’t have or aren’t looking for that kind of passion? You feel silly that you haven’t had this realization sooner or more often. Remembering that things need to change, this individual has given you the inspiration you needed to move forward and take yourself to new places – even literally.

Sometimes a person comes into our lives who is so subtly profound it’s intimidating. You’re not sure what to say or how to act. If you don’t speak you can’t say the wrong thing. There is absolutely no reason for you to be shy, but whoever said fear was logical? And so, you breathe in this new spirit. Each spirit has an aroma; some hit you with such warm strength, you can almost taste it. With each breath, something new comes. Something different. Something solid. Something calm. Something powerful. You lose your breath.

Sometimes a person comes into our lives and exits just as quickly. Looking at things that might have gone wrong, you analyze and then over-analyze. Everything happens for a reason, you keep repeating to yourself as you watch them leave. Believe that things do happen for a reason and learn to not ask why.

Sometimes a person leaves our lives…and comes back.   

  • Gillian Underwood

    So true. Sometimes people come in to your life to show you who you are. Whether they stay or go they end up being a reflection of that part of yourself that is most like them or they show you something about yourself that is important like what you do or don’t want for yourself. I like that about people. I’m glad you see that nothing is permanent, not even loss. Every time we seemingly lose someone or something, we gain experience and wisdom.