The Last Judgment

You judge me because I don’t look like her. Or perhaps I don’t look like him. You judge my thoughts, my religion, my new-age, my atheist and my agnostic.  I am judged by you for having darker skin, lighter skin, marked, scarred or deformed skin or skin that is simply “different.” For wearing different clothes than you because I just want to be unique; for wearing the same clothes because I just want to feel safe and fit in.

I am judged for being too young and being too old. I am judged for shaving my head or dying my hair blonde. If I weigh any more or any less than what you think I should – I am found guilty. If I can’t think as fast or in the same way, you think less of me. If I think faster and different than you, you think less of yourself and judge me, still.

If I have a problem with substance or sex, I am seen as less than – I am bad. I am judging myself more than you ever could…yet, you still won’t fail to judge. If I was abused as a child and my mentors – who were my abusers – told me that abuse was normal and healthy, you judge me when I do it to others. I cannot know what love is if no one will show it to me.

If I am put in a position of power, you judge me when I fall. If I am not powerful enough, you judge me for being too small. I am judged for being too much or not enough. For being wrong instead of right and right instead of indifferent. I am judged when I pick me over you and when I go above and beyond for you. You cannot make me happy.

In your eyes, I am never allowed to make a mistake; I can never be that which you think I am not and I am forever borne into a web of failures.


You are ego.

I am the Real me. The Real you. The Real us.


Your judging me does not serve the world. Let the last judgment fall for I am finished with you.

  • Vigilant Spirit

    Insightful: May we all part with our “Last Judgement” – and not care whether the person whose eyes we are looking into can successfully drop their judgements or not.  In reality judgements tell us about ourselves and shape the world we “see” and experience.  They tell us nothing about another person.  We change the world by giving up our dearly-held judgements for ecstatic freedom of what is really true.  

  • Orbo3000


    • Thank you!